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Known to some as “TJ” and to others as “Pastor TJ”, TJ JOYNER is the wife of Maurice Joyner, Lead Pastor and Founder of E3:20 Church located in the heart of Orlando, FL the Church for Orlando's Families. Devoted to the vision of the ministry, TJ Joyner serves alongside her husband as the Associate Pastor and Counselor. Together in ministry they seek to empower families to win in every area of life with Christ.


While empowering others is a passion for TJ, it is specifically targeted towards helping and empowering women to overcome, be emotionally healed and healthy. This passion is strengthened by her educational background which extends to her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, her minor in Creative Writing that she received from Virginia State University as well as her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University. 

One of the things TJ enjoys seeing most is women genuinely loving and supporting one another and one of her greatest desires has been to change the narrative between girls. As the founder of Between Girls, a movement that voices her desire to help women heal from the inside out, Joyner encourages women to not only have a healthy relationship with God but with themselves and others. She believes that every woman has a portion for the other and because they have lived through enough situations individually and even collectively, they can genuinely advise, warn, save and support other women in overcoming and succeeding in some area of their lives. 


She wholeheartedly believes in being your sister's keeper and letting your sister be safe with you.

Committed to fulfilling part of her purpose in bringing women together, with Between Girls, Joyner hosts frequent women's events, during which time she highlights women’s issues and offers an atmosphere of support, encouragement and empowerment towards overcoming.


TJ Joyner is also an accomplished author. Her literary works includes her latest book “Changing The Narrative Between Girls”. This book empowers women to understand the need for healthy women relationships in life as well as challenges women to change the narrative, rewrite the stories that are told about women world wide. 


Beyond the pulpit and the many other roles, TJ Joyner’s role as a mother brings her the most joy in life. Of all her roles, this may be one of her most favorite of all. She is the mother of two lovely children, Maurice II and Madison Savannah. 


The heart of TJ is at home, she cherishes being the wife of Pastor Maurice and her heart and soul is in raising Maurice II and Madison to understand and treasure one of the greatest blessing in life, the blessing of good health and a healthy thought life. 

TJ attributes her success and growth to God, the leading of Holy Spirit, the consistent love, leadership, friendship and support of her best friend and husband, Maurice. 

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